We have known Lisa for nine years. We first met her when we moved to New York from Europe. Amelia and Lisa met through a mutual friend. They were both taking a course in psychotherapy.

Our connection and friendship with Lisa influenced our decision to settle in America. And to set our roots in New York City. Lisa was generous and helpful to us on many levels. Our connection with her made us feel at home.

Lisa’s big heart and loving nature continued to be a support for us when we decided to start a family five years ago. We now have a four year-old daughter, who adores Lisa, as well as her two cats, Bear and Juno.

We remember a day when our daughter asked Amelia, “Mommy, is Lisa our family? I really want her to be our family.” Lisa is family to us.

As a mother, Amelia came to Lisa on challenging days. Amelia struggled, because she felt she needed to be a perfect mother. She came to realize that this was an impossible and unhelpful goal. During our conversations with Lisa, we have both felt understood. We have never felt judged. Lisa has for many years helped families, kids and adults. This and her personality, make her a wonderful candidate for adoption.

We never hesitate to leave our daughter in Lisa’s care. We know that she will be safe, loved, and taken care of. Lisa always puts our daughter’s emotional needs first. We have seen this during many visits and times spent together. Especially when our daughter was having a difficult day/time.

We have seen Lisa’s empathic presence and how it helps healing.

As a mother, I (Amelia) felt grateful for Lisa’s kind and grounding presence. Recently, our daughter made a drawing of Lisa, Juno and Bear. She insisted on mailing this to Lisa (see attached). Our daughter worked on a school project to create a family board. It was only natural for us to include a picture of Lisa and Bear and Juno.

2020 was a difficult year. Covid-19 has confronted us with our own mortality. And the possibility of getting ill. We are grateful to have avoided getting sick. We are fortunate and blessed to have Lisa in our lives and to know that she would be there if our daughter needed.

We know any child would be fortunate to have Lisa as a mother. We hope that we get to celebrate the day that she becomes one. It would be a gift to that child.

– Amelia and Paul

While you can read about Lisa, I hope I can give you some more insight into the person she is and the mother I know she will be.

I am the mother of 4 of both biological and adopted children and write this knowing several things. First, the ability to give, receive and share love is what helps a child thrive.

Lisa is not only a warm, giving and kind person, but she selflessly shares her love. Second, Lisa has a balance between what is important today, but also when to move on and focus on tomorrow. Not getting caught up in the unimportant is so critical to a child’s well being.

Finally, Lisa sets an example of a good human being which is what we all want for our children. She is thoughtful, intelligent, funny, cautious and adventurous, and has a beautiful soul. She will raise healthy and happy children because that is the person she is. The greatest compliment I can give someone is that I would trust Lisa to raise my own children.

– Cousin Jill

We are writing this letter in support of Lisa and her decision to become an adoptive parent. Hilary and Lisa met twenty years ago. They were both enrolled in an alternative healing program. They have been close friends ever since.

Time spent with Lisa is always full of laughter, wonderful and healthy cooking. And, conversation about important things in our lives. She is a good friend to us, and we look forward to sharing more of our time together in the future.

As parents of three children (12, 11, and 8 years old), we appreciate Lisa’s ability to relate to our boys. She is very patient with them. She asks them lots of questions. And she endures the dozens of questions that may come her way from their curious minds.

Lisa is very aware of the demands of parenting and the amount of commitment needed to raise children. Her personal and professional growth over two decades shows willingness to embrace change. That is the only constant in the life of a parent.

Seeing Lisa create such a wonderful life for herself has been joyful to experience. We can’t wait to get to know her as a mother. We can only imagine the love, care, and compassion she will show a child as they grow to be an adult.

It is so exciting for us to be able to share our support for her with you. We hope this letter only confirms what you have already found while getting to know Lisa.

– Hilary and Bryan